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2443S 하나뿐인 당신에게1013--114
365EV 피로611--184
431TT 크리스마스의 기억612--170Collaboration
1817TH TRAX 천지개벽813--150
1496TH TRAX 찬가 II912--128
682ND TRAX 찬가812--90 ~ 122
2433S 주문을 외워봐10---130
2423S 적월애13---50 ~ 150
430TT 잘 가라
~Go Hell~
461FNEX 유령의 축제 261015-52 ~ 146Collaboration
429TT 유령의 축제12---52.5 ~ 105Collaboration
366NT 우주미아59--142
2413S 없잖아7---93.33 ~ 140
428TT 애인을 내려주세요12---146Collaboration
444FN 시간여행712--120Collaboration
409NT 속삭여줘912--137
408NT 설탕음모론
~Sugar Conspiracy Theory~
1807TH TRAX 빛바랜 영혼1114--135
443FN 바람의 날개813--136Collaboration
1486TH TRAX 느낌
Sonic A.P.E Ver
124PLATINUM 느낌10---125
207CV 神威131718-210
221ST TRACKS Ztar Warz612--180
123PLATINUM Zeroize916--165
427TT Z3N1TH4F1115--118
1476TH TRAX Your Style411--100
364EV Your Mind1215--180
1466TH TRAX You Were The one311--110
41S/E You Love The Life You Live
211ST TRACKS You Love The Life You Live211--90
672ND TRAX You Are The One For Me6---116
426TT Yog-Sothoth1216--200Collaboration
201ST TRACKS Yes Yes8---98
883RD TRAX Y-Gate913--144
325EC Withered Heights6---85
1456TH TRAX With U Girl
Beach Ver
662ND TRAX With U Girl----142.9
281AE Wind Tales12---150
1797TH TRAX White Rose9---128
363EV White Out
652ND TRAX Where's My Girl610--180
324EC Wheel of Fire1015--180
122PLATINUM Weird Wave14---147
2017TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Weep Irish
13---145From 7TH TRAX 2.0
642ND TRAX We Luv Music713--139
442FN We Alive10---127
214CV Wars of the Roses, 1455914--100 ~ 140
407NT Warp drive active13---200
406NT Wake Me Up!710--95
405NT VOICE9---170
425TT Visual Dream !!12---140Collaboration
2403S Vintage Summer913--136
362EV Venn Diagram11---130
404NT UverturA813--190
2393S Uranus91012-155
1446TH TRAX Up And Down8---96
1787TH TRAX Unrequited Love 21014--141
121PLATINUM Unknown H2410--85
323EC UniT11---176
460FNEX Unforgettable4913-132
2383S Underflow-813-132.5
361EV Unambitious4---176
459FNEX XTYR101217-190
322EC True8---128
321EC Tron10---140
403NT Tracking Down11---133
1777TH TRAX Toy War913--160
320EC Total Eclipse14---150
1084TH TRAX Tokyo 9 P.M.11---100
319EC Todos Los Dias9---128
1767TH TRAX To My Love8--140
2373S Thrust Out1415--140
1757TH TRAX The World1213--110
191ST TRACKS The Rhythm712--67.5 ~ 135
458FNEX The Queen12---125
457FNEX The Prince of Darkness1515-160
280AE The Onyx Night Sky9---140
402NT The Moments
250BE The Luna-13--150
456FNEX The Last Page1016--195
279AE The Greatest Escape9---175
40S/E The Future814--146
1436TH TRAX The Boy
EK2-Beat Ver
632ND TRAX The Boy511--115.01
1747TH TRAX The Back of Beyond812--120
278AE The Ashtray1015--144
873RD TRAX The 3rd Place12---130
360EV Terminated Protocol1317--186
318EC Tension1013--145
213CV Tempus Praeterita14---145
401NT Take it up613--138
277AE Taillight Phantom916--180
424TT sweet★star812--150
1737TH TRAX Sweet Heart11---135
400NT SUPERCUTE1013--134
2363S Sunshine11---127 ~ 150
1727TH TRAX Sunlight----140
399NT Sunken Island28--95
863RD TRAX Substance10---142
317EC Stranger11---130
359EV Storm Chaser1013--175
358EV Stereotype Lovesong612--121
212CV Step in the Dayz-11--148
1426TH TRAX Stay With Me510--115.11
211CV Stay
TAK Remix
39S/E Stay
Radio Edit
181ST TRACKS Stay61013-125
316EC Starlight Factory1214--150
398NT Stargazer111--125
441FN starflyer11---175
120PLATINUM Spotlight711--100
38S/E Special K6---95
853RD TRAX Sparrow712--132
357EV Sparkling Ways613--134
1717TH TRAX Space Destiny12---170
171ST TRACKS Southwest Cadillac311--95
1707TH TRAX Soul Eater1114--140
1697TH TRAX Soul Destructor914--140
356EV Sorry, But I Can't915--155 ~ 195
355EV SND1017--165
397NT Smile of Dandelion7---110
843RD TRAX Smash12---100
2353S Skyward12---155
423TT Skyline11---112
2007TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Sinus101215-142From 7TH TRAX 2.0
1687TH TRAX Silver Ocean7---148
249BE Sign Mellow1314--160
315EC Sigma13---160
622ND TRAX Showdown1013--130
314EC Shove It12---147
1074TH TRAX Shout12---95
455FNEX Shot Time911--128
313EC Shine Through13---182
395NT Shattered Skies1215--182
833RD TRAX Shake11---120
612ND TRAX Sentimental No! No!6---108
2343S Sensation of Stage1112--123
440FN Sejarah10---180
602ND TRAX Seize The Day6---120
354EV Schizophrenia918--190
394NT Scarlet Blaze1015--170
592ND TRAX Say That U810--146
276AE Satellite 6116---10 ~ 188
393NT Sapphire712--138
823RD TRAX Sand Storm121316-164
1677TH TRAX Round 3121416-155
2333S Rosen Vampir1217--166
2323S Romance For Moon12---160
275AE Rising in My Heart9---160
119PLATINUM Riff Guy1314--153
422TT Revival On1113--130Collaboration
1667TH TRAX Revelation1417-185
2313S Return to Universe1416--170
1657TH TRAX Return1114--140
274AE Resonance Spectra13---155
353EV Repulse Stream
312EC Rendezvous Coast11---130
352EV Rendezvous City1013--130
392NT Reignite914--181
1997TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Refresh
J-Style Edit
----125From 7TH TRAX 2.0
1416TH TRAX Refresh5---125
582ND TRAX Red Ocean8---106
37S/E Red Hot10---100
351EV Rebel Against712--170
1064TH TRAX Ready to Yah6---120
813RD TRAX R.F.C.1113--140
248BE R.E.D. 2008-13--145
1977TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 R.E.D.1013--140From 7TH TRAX 1.5
36S/E R.D.M610--110
1987TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 R-Decision12---141.9From 7TH TRAX 2.0
35S/E Quake in Kyoto
Mega mix
161ST TRACKS Quake in Kyoto813--148
311EC QUADCORE12---160
118PLATINUM Q Factor11---130
310EC Push Me Again15---175
350EV Purity Dream1012--130
391NT PRIME1015--165Collaboration
421TT Precision Strike913--132
2303S Please Please Me6---131
309EC Planet X14---169
454FNEX picking1417--170
273AE Phat Trash12---175
1647TH TRAX Paradise8---128
117PLATINUM Panic Strike16---160
2293S Pair Creation1215--134
272AE Out of the Blue1316--135 ~ 170
308EC Orphan Children13---173
348EV Oriental Shade915--160
390NT Orange612--139
453FNEX One's Trash91013-105
1967TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 One Two Three Four
SJ Remix
1406TH TRAX One Two Three Four611--100
347EV On My Way
Remaster Version
307EC On My Way8---150
452FNEX Nyarlathotep111416-200Collaboration
389NT Nowhere Land8---116
306EC Nothing Else9---125
305EC Northpole
271AE Nihilism1013--180
803RD TRAX Night Watcher12---165
388NT Night Sky12---128
116PLATINUM Night Madness7---160
387NT Night Bird913--148
1957TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Never Feel This Way13---140From 7TH TRAX 1.5
270AE Nachthexen11---150
34S/E Mystic Dream 9903
Horror Mix
9---37.5 ~ 170
151ST TRACKS Mystic Dream 9903412--150
33S/E My Honey-8--117
2283S MxMxM Star912--120
572ND TRAX Moving On9---90.05
1396TH TRAX Move Your Body510--126
386NT Move it On!913--127Collaboration
420TT Move it on
- DJ HD Mix -
269AE Morgenglut 20121016--95 ~ 190
783RD TRAX Minus 21516--157
562ND TRAX Minus 1
Space Mix
141ST TRACKS Minus 1813--100 ~ 130
346EV Minimalism Color13---130
1054TH TRAX Metagalactic1215--152
247BE Messier 3331617--170
439FN Memoriola912--80 ~ 125Collaboration
115PLATINUM Memories512--127
345EV Mello Mello813--134
344EV May I Come In?12---130
385NT Makes Me Wonder512--172
303EC Magic Square10---180
1637TH TRAX Magegirl Story12---180
1044TH TRAX Mad Robot14---115
451FNEX Macguffin #EZ1116--145
304EC M!rror811--128
793RD TRAX M Police10---135
2273S Luv Message1012--127
1947TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Lucid14---175From 7TH TRAX 1.5
419TT Lovely Day
~ Remaster ~
1034TH TRAX Lovely Day611--140
32S/E Love & Extasy Remix----145
31S/E Love & Extasy-12--145
1386TH TRAX Look Out
EK1-Beat Ver
131ST TRACKS Look Out5---125
210CV LOKI1214--140
268AE Liquid Cube9---140
384NT LIGHTFALL3714-140
1376TH TRAX Lie Lie
Ceave Beat Ver
773RD TRAX Lie Lie1214--125
1627TH TRAX Let Me Hear Your Voice512--140
30S/E Let it Go
121ST TRACKS Let it Go510--109
1937TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Legend of Moonlight1216-160From 7TH TRAX 1.5
302EC Legend1216--200
1617TH TRAX Legacy of Hatred
- LIVE -
209CV Le Grand Bleu111417-165
343EV Lazy Days614--131
2263S Latino----150
418TT Last Knot12---175
438FN Last Flight111517-174
383NT Laika412--138
382NT Keep Your Passion13---147
381NT Keep On!1114--185
1607TH TRAX KAFAT714--123
1024TH TRAX Judgment9---117
DFC Space Gear Re-Formation
1014TH TRAX JMJ13---135
A.C Ver
552ND TRAX JAM610--124
532ND TRAX It's My Secret7---121.1
2253S Irregular Liner1013--134
267AE Intuition13---147
342EV INFINITY1014--175
300EC Indistinction9---138
763RD TRAX In a Nutshell7---137
341EV Immortal12---136
266AE illusion8---135
265AE If I Couldn't See You Again3---136
1356TH TRAX I've Got This Feeling
Extended Ver
113PLATINUM I've Got This Feeling
DJ FE Restless Acid Soul Mix
542ND TRAX I've Got This Feeling9---88
112PLATINUM I've Fallen
Hot Dog Boogie Groove Mix
111ST TRACKS I've Fallen8---122
264AE I Do Love You
Insida Club Remix
101ST TRACKS I Do Love You6---100
522ND TRAX Hypnotize10---138
417TT HYPERCUBE1014--145Collaboration
1927TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Hyper Magic1318-170From 7TH TRAX 1.5
380NT Houseplan11---128
1917TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Holic813--150From 7TH TRAX 1.5
301EC Hey Barbie15--130
299EC Hesitate9---140
340EV Harpe For GAIA12---188
2243S Happiness12---160
339EV Hallucination12---133
416TT Guardian1115--178
1597TH TRAX Gray Street11---135
1907TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Gray Hunter10--1257TH TRAX 1.5
338EV Gothique Resonance1316--174
2233S Good Speed14---170 ~ 220
437FN God Mode1214--152Collaboration
1004TH TRAX Go!914--140
753RD TRAX Give It 2 Me9---133
1346TH TRAX Get The Beat
Party Mix
29S/E Get The Beat
Nimble Mix
91ST TRACKS Get The Beat212--95
512ND TRAX Get it Up6---135
379NT GEHENNA1518--222.22
1587TH TRAX G.O.A1213--144
994TH TRAX Futurist8---123
298EC FUTURE NIGHT912--140
81ST TRACKS Funny Funky7---92
502ND TRAX Funky 53---116
263AE Frozen Eyes12---90 ~ 180
262AE Frostbite10---150
71ST TRACKS Freedom3---93
1897TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Frantic
YK Edit
12---145From 7TH TRAX 2.0
1336TH TRAX Frantic8---145
1577TH TRAX Forget10---125
378NT Forbidden Light1116--169
208CV For The Top-6--98
28S/E For 3 Weeks-4--117
337EV Flicker813--110
336EV Flat Shoes7---140
335EV First Fantasy
Remaster Version
297EC First Fantasy5---134
984TH TRAX Fire Storm1017--167
2223S Finite-15--178
334EV Find Me12---5 ~ 180
1567TH TRAX Fell Hound 31216--140
974TH TRAX Feel So Sad913--142
333EV Far Away61014-146
377NT Falling Rain
Envy Mix
1557TH TRAX Fallen Angel512--100
376NT Fallen351114170
296EC Fallback613--126
964TH TRAX Eye of Beholder----121
261AE Extra Wave12---80 ~ 160
1547TH TRAX Explode Engine512--130
492ND TRAX Exist9---114
2213S Espresso811--95
206CV Eraser Rain For GAIA14---175
61ST TRACKS Envy Mask512--118
295EC Entire1214--145
450FNEX Enter the Beginning1115--150
415TT Engine1417--174
1537TH TRAX Energy Flower913--133
1527TH TRAX End of Summer12---120
414TT Encounter on orbit14---185
375NT Elysium1014--128Collaboration
2203S Drive To You6---137
1517TH TRAX Dreamy Flight61214-140
2193S Dreamy Days9---164
294EC Dream Walker11---215
205CV Dragon Hunter?-12--158
1887TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Don't Say Anything1113--135From 7TH TRAX 2.0
204CV Doll's Garden915--160
27S/E Do You Remember?
51ST TRACKS Do You Remember?5---139
449FNEX District 171115-158Collaboration
293EC DISTOPIA10---67.5 ~ 133
260AE Disease912--185
41ST TRACKS Dirty D711--100
26S/E DIEOXIN1214--165
332EV Diamond Shore1116--179
482ND TRAX Departure9---133.4
374NT Dement
~After Legend~
954TH TRAX Delight612--130
448FNEX Daydream1115--150
436FN Darker than Black1013--106
292EC Dancing Light11---135
1877TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Dance With Me
Dischord Edit
----125From 7TH TRAX 2.0
1326TH TRAX Dance With Me6---125
1867TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Dance Machine
YK House Edit
13---150From 7TH TRAX 2.0
1316TH TRAX Dance Machine9---150
472ND TRAX Damnation12---152
1306TH TRAX Curse It!711--113.1
413TT Ctrl + Alt + Del1114--128
373NT Cross Time !!14---80 ~ 160Collaboration
259AE Crisp1315--175
2183S Cosmos12---135
291EC Cosmical Rhythm7---128
743RD TRAX Cosmic Bird1214--37.5 ~ 150
258AE Core1013--200
25S/E Confete
Evening Mix
31ST TRACKS Confete410--94
944TH TRAX Complex1214--123
24S/E Combination610--115
372NT Clue1114--140
934TH TRAX Climax15---140
371NT City of Funk912--124
412TT Chinese Restaurant1115--175Collaboration
331EV CHIARA1317--195
111PLATINUM Cellavue7---108
21ST TRACKS Catch The Flow510--97
924TH TRAX Calling Me Now10---80
370NT Burnin' Road1114--160
2173S Brilliant Stars11---178
290EC Break of Dawn10---142
23S/E Bob-5--133
330EV Bluesy12---110
904TH TRAX Blue71014-153
203CV Blood Castle
13---74 ~ 160
329EV BlitzKrieg1418--185
2163S BLEED1215--155
289EC Black Tinted Alley10---106
411TT Black sour Ruby12---175
733RD TRAX Black Market1012--116
1507TH TRAX Black Flame713--125
1857TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Black Bird12---115From 7TH TRAX 1.5
257AE Beyond The Azure Skies8---88
328EV BEDLAM1417--183
288EC BEATRICE14---195
1286TH TRAX Be-at Feedback51415-140
1276TH TRAX Be My Baby
Funky Ver
462ND TRAX Be My Baby48--115
1296TH TRAX Be Mine9---128
256AE Back To Bed
Crimson Red Remix
452ND TRAX Back To Bed11---118
442ND TRAX Back For More511--130
1266TH TRAX Bacardi on the Beach812--123
1256TH TRAX Baby Dance
Club Ver
11ST TRACKS Baby Dance79--111
410TT B2914--158Collaboration
914TH TRAX B.O.W1115--125 ~ 150
255AE AXIS10---147
1847TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Aura14---150From 7TH TRAX 2.0
246BE AtoMizer12---184
327EV Asterios REENTRY91215-148
110PLATINUM Aquaris
Physical Inspiration Hyper Blue Mix
894TH TRAX Aquaris91214-140
432ND TRAX Appeal1112--110
2153S ApolloN16---180
422ND TRAX Anytime8---162
109PLATINUM Any Way You Want It9---105
326EV AntiDOT13---145
287EC Aniart9---155
254AE Anemia
Synth Pop Remix
723RD TRAX Anemia6---100
253AE Andes710--140
1837TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 An Old Story78--87From 7TH TRAX 1.5
369NT ambit813--170
447FNEX Altered Ego14---191
433FN Allegro Piu Mosso1116--160Collaboration
202CV Akasha-8--150
286EC Airwave7---130
285EC Again8---110
368NT Afterlife712--130
284EC Actias Artemis8---140
446FNEX XAbsolute Death81114-146
283EC A Site De La Rue16---186
282EC A Glimmer10---138
245BE A Final Dreaming11---150
432FN A Bella!11---160
367NT 8th Planet1214--158
1827TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 2nd Life7---130From 7TH TRAX 2.0
713RD TRAX 2nd Jewel8---120
252AE 20000000000
Hurt Bass Remix
1317--43.5 ~ 174
693RD TRAX 20000000000914--174
703RD TRAX 2.14410--113
251AE 1950711--85