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2037TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 The Prince of Darkness-1516160
11ST TRACKS Baby Dance79--111
21ST TRACKS Catch The Flow510--97
31ST TRACKS Confete410--94
41ST TRACKS Dirty D711--100
51ST TRACKS Do You Remember?5---139
61ST TRACKS Envy Mask512--118
71ST TRACKS Freedom3---93
81ST TRACKS Funny Funky7---92
91ST TRACKS Get The Beat212--95
101ST TRACKS I Do Love You6---100
111ST TRACKS I've Fallen8---122
121ST TRACKS Let it Go510--109
131ST TRACKS Look Out5---125
141ST TRACKS Minus 1813--100 ~ 130
151ST TRACKS Mystic Dream 9903412--150
161ST TRACKS Quake in Kyoto813--148
171ST TRACKS Southwest Cadillac11---95
181ST TRACKS Stay61013-125
191ST TRACKS The Rhythm712--67.5 ~ 135
201ST TRACKS Yes Yes8---98
211ST TRACKS You Love The Life You Live211--90
221ST TRACKS Ztar Warz12---180
231ST TRACKS SE Bob-5--133
241ST TRACKS SE Combination610--115
251ST TRACKS SE Confete
Evening Mix
271ST TRACKS SE Do You Remember?
281ST TRACKS SE For 3 Weeks-4--117
291ST TRACKS SE Get The Beat
Nimble Mix
301ST TRACKS SE Let it Go
311ST TRACKS SE Love & Extasy-12--145
321ST TRACKS SE Love & Extasy Remix----145
331ST TRACKS SE My Honey-8--117
341ST TRACKS SE Mystic Dream 9903
Horror Mix
9---37.5 ~ 170
351ST TRACKS SE Quake in Kyoto
Mega mix
361ST TRACKS SE R.D.M10---110
371ST TRACKS SE Red Hot10---100
381ST TRACKS SE Special K6---95
Radio Edit
401ST TRACKS SE The Future814--146
411ST TRACKS SE You Love The Life You Live
422ND TRAX Anytime8---162
432ND TRAX Appeal1112--110
442ND TRAX Back For More511--130
452ND TRAX Back To Bed11---118
462ND TRAX Be My Baby4---115
472ND TRAX Damnation12---152
482ND TRAX Departure9---133.4
492ND TRAX Exist9---114
502ND TRAX Funky 53---116
512ND TRAX Get it Up6---135
522ND TRAX Hypnotize10---138
532ND TRAX It's My Secret7---121.1
542ND TRAX I've Got This Feeling9---88
552ND TRAX JAM6---124
562ND TRAX Minus 1
Space Mix
572ND TRAX Moving On9---90.05
582ND TRAX Red Ocean8---106
592ND TRAX Say That U8---146
602ND TRAX Seize The Day6---120
612ND TRAX Sentimental No! No!6---108
622ND TRAX Showdown1013--130
632ND TRAX The Boy511--115.01
642ND TRAX We Luv Music713--139
652ND TRAX Where's My Girl610--180
662ND TRAX With U Girl----142.9
672ND TRAX You Are The One For Me6---116
682ND TRAX 찬가813--90 ~ 122
693RD TRAX 20000000000914--174
703RD TRAX 2.14410--113
713RD TRAX 2nd Jewel8---120
723RD TRAX Anemia6---100
733RD TRAX Black Market10---116
743RD TRAX Cosmic Bird1214--37.5 ~ 150
753RD TRAX Give It 2 Me9---133
763RD TRAX In a Nutshell7---137
773RD TRAX Lie Lie1214--125
783RD TRAX Minus 21516--157
793RD TRAX M Police10---135
803RD TRAX Night Watcher12---165
813RD TRAX R.F.C.1113--140
823RD TRAX Sand Storm121316-164
833RD TRAX Shake11---120
843RD TRAX Smash12---100
853RD TRAX Sparrow712--132
863RD TRAX Substance10---142
873RD TRAX The 3rd Place12---130
883RD TRAX Y-Gate913--144
894TH TRAX Aquaris91215-140
904TH TRAX Blue14---153
914TH TRAX B.O.W11---125 ~ 150
924TH TRAX Calling Me Now10---80
934TH TRAX Climax15---140
944TH TRAX Complex1214--123
954TH TRAX Delight612--130
964TH TRAX Eye of Beholder----121
974TH TRAX Feel So Sad913--142
984TH TRAX Fire Storm1017--167
994TH TRAX Futurist8---123
1004TH TRAX Go!914--140
1014TH TRAX JMJ13---135
1024TH TRAX Judgment9---117
1034TH TRAX Lovely Day611--140
1044TH TRAX Mad Robot14---115
1054TH TRAX Metagalactic1215--152
1064TH TRAX Ready to Yah6---120
1074TH TRAX Shout12---95
1084TH TRAX Tokyo 9 P.M.11---100
109PLATINUM Any Way You Want It9---105
110PLATINUM Aquaris
Physical Inspiration Hyper Blue Mix
111PLATINUM Cellavue7---108
112PLATINUM I've Fallen
Hot Dog Boogie Groove Mix
113PLATINUM I've Got This Feeling
DJ FE Restless Acid Soul Mix
DFC Space Gear Re-Formation
115PLATINUM Memories512--127
116PLATINUM Night Madness7---160
117PLATINUM Panic Strike16---160
118PLATINUM Q Factor11---130
119PLATINUM Riff Guy1314--153
120PLATINUM Spotlight7---100
121PLATINUM Unknown H2410--85
122PLATINUM Weird Wave14---147
123PLATINUM Zeroize916--165
124PLATINUM 느낌10---125
1256TH TRAX Baby Dance
Club Ver
1266TH TRAX Bacardi on the Beach812--123
1276TH TRAX Be My Baby
Funky Ver
1286TH TRAX Be-at Feedback51416-140
1296TH TRAX Be Mine9---128
1306TH TRAX Curse It!711--113.1
1316TH TRAX Dance Machine9---150
1326TH TRAX Dance With Me6---125
1336TH TRAX Frantic8---145
1346TH TRAX Get The Beat
Party Mix
1356TH TRAX I've Got This Feeling
Extended Ver
1366TH TRAX Jam
A.C Ver
1376TH TRAX Lie Lie
Ceave Beat Ver
1386TH TRAX Look Out
EK1-Beat Ver
1396TH TRAX Move Your Body510--126
1406TH TRAX One Two Three Four611--100
1416TH TRAX Refresh5---125
1426TH TRAX Stay With Me510--115.11
1436TH TRAX The Boy
EK2-Beat Ver
1446TH TRAX Up And Down8---96
1456TH TRAX With U Girl
Beach Ver
1466TH TRAX You Were The one311--110
1476TH TRAX Your Style411--100
1486TH TRAX 느낌
Sonic A.P.E Ver
1496TH TRAX 찬가 II912--128
1507TH TRAX Black Flame713--125
1517TH TRAX Dreamy Flight61214-140
1527TH TRAX End of Summer12---120
1537TH TRAX Energy Flower913--133
1547TH TRAX Explode Engine512--130
1557TH TRAX Fallen Angel512--100
1567TH TRAX Fell Hound 31216--140
1577TH TRAX Forget10---125
1587TH TRAX G.O.A1213--144
1597TH TRAX Gray Street11---135
1607TH TRAX KAFAT714--123
1617TH TRAX Legacy of Hatred
- LIVE -
1627TH TRAX Let Me Hear Your Voice5---140
1637TH TRAX Magegirl Story12---180
1647TH TRAX Paradise8---128
1657TH TRAX Return1114--140
1667TH TRAX Revelation1418--185
1677TH TRAX Round 3121416-155
1687TH TRAX Silver Ocean7---148
1697TH TRAX Soul Destructor914--140
1707TH TRAX Soul Eater1114--140
1717TH TRAX Space Destiny12---170
1727TH TRAX Sunlight----140
1737TH TRAX Sweet Heart11---135
1747TH TRAX The Back of Beyond812--120
1757TH TRAX The World1213--110
1767TH TRAX To My Love8--140
1777TH TRAX Toy War913--160
1787TH TRAX Unrequited Love 21015--141
1797TH TRAX White Rose9---128
1807TH TRAX 빛바랜 영혼1114--135
1817TH TRAX 천지개벽813--150
1827TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 2nd Life7---130From 7TH TRAX 2.0
1837TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 An Old Story78--87From 7TH TRAX 1.5
1847TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Aura14---150From 7TH TRAX 2.0
1857TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Black Bird12---115From 7TH TRAX 1.5
1867TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Dance Machine
YK House Edit
13---150From 7TH TRAX 2.0
1877TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Dance With Me
Dischord Edit
----125From 7TH TRAX 2.0
1887TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Don't Say Anything1113--135From 7TH TRAX 2.0
1897TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Frantic
YK Edit
12---145From 7TH TRAX 2.0
1907TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Gray Hunter10--1257TH TRAX 1.5
1917TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Holic8---150From 7TH TRAX 1.5
1927TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Hyper Magic1318-170From 7TH TRAX 1.5
1937TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Legend of Moonlight1216-160From 7TH TRAX 1.5
1947TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Lucid14---175From 7TH TRAX 1.5
1957TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Never Feel This Way13---140From 7TH TRAX 1.5
1967TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 One Two Three Four
SJ Remix
1977TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 One's Trash-10--105
1987TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 R.E.D.10---140From 7TH TRAX 1.5
1997TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 R-Decision12---141.9From 7TH TRAX 2.0
2007TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Refresh
J-Style Edit
----125From 7TH TRAX 2.0
2017TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Sinus101215-142From 7TH TRAX 2.0
2027TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Shot Time-9--128
2047TH TRAX 1.5-2.0 Weep Irish
13---145From 7TH TRAX 2.0
205CV Akasha-8--150
206CV Blood Castle
13---74 ~ 160
207CV Doll's Garden9---160
208CV Dragon Hunter?-12--158
209CV Eraser Rain For GAIA14---175
210CV 神威131718-210
211CV For The Top-6--98
212CV Le Grand Bleu111417-165
213CV LOKI12---140
214CV Stay
TAK Remix
215CV Step in the Dayz-11--148
216CV Tempus Praeterita14---145
217CV Wars of the Roses, 1455914--100 ~ 140
2183S ApolloN16---180
2193S BLEED1215--155
2203S Brilliant Stars11---178
2213S Cosmos12---135
2223S Dreamy Days9---164
2233S Drive To You6---137
2243S Espresso811--95
2253S Finite-15--178
2263S Good Speed14---170 ~ 220
2273S Happiness12---160
2283S Irregular Liner10---134
2293S Latino----150
2303S Luv Message10---127
2313S MxMxM Star9---120
2323S Pair Creation1215--134
2333S Please Please Me6---131
2343S Return to Universe1416--170
2353S Romance For Moon12---160
2363S Rosen Vampir1317--166
2373S Sensation of Stage11---123
2383S Skyward12---155
2393S Sunshine11---127 ~ 150
2403S Thrust Out1416--140
2413S Underflow-813-132.5
2423S Uranus9---155
2433S Vintage Summer913--136
2443S 없잖아----93.33 ~ 140
2453S 적월애13---50 ~ 150
2463S 주문을 외워봐10---130
2473S 하나뿐인 당신에게1013--114
248BE A Final Dreaming11---150
249BE AtoMizer12---184
250BE Messier 3331617--170
251BE R.E.D. 2008-13--145
252BE Sign Mellow1314--160
253BE The Luna-13--150
254AE 1950711--85
255AE 20000000000
Hurt Bass Remix
1317--43.5 ~ 174
256AE Andes710--140
257AE Anemia
Synth Pop Remix
258AE AXIS10---147
259AE Back To Bed
Crimson Red Remix
260AE Beyond The Azure Skies8---88
261AE Core1013--200
262AE Crisp1315--175
263AE Disease912--185
264AE Extra Wave12---80 ~ 160
265AE Frostbite10---150
266AE Frozen Eyes12---90 ~ 180
267AE I Do Love You
Insida Club Remix
268AE If I Couldn't See You Again3---136
269AE illusion8---135
270AE Intuition13---147
271AE Liquid Cube9---140
272AE Morgenglut 20121016--95 ~ 190
273AE Nachthexen11---150
274AE Nihilism1013--180
275AE Out of the Blue1316--135 ~ 170
276AE Phat Trash12---175
277AE Resonance Spectra13---155
278AE Rising in My Heart9---160
279AE Satellite 6116---10 ~ 188
280AE Taillight Phantom916--180
281AE The Ashtray1015--144
282AE The Greatest Escape9---175
283AE The Onyx Night Sky9---140
284AE Wind Tales12---150
285EC A Glimmer10---138
286EC A Site De La Rue16---186
287EC Actias Artemis8---140
288EC Again8---110
289EC Airwave7---130
290EC Aniart9---155
291EC BEATRICE14---195
292EC Black Tinted Alley10---106
293EC Break of Dawn10---142
294EC Cosmical Rhythm7---128
295EC Dancing Light11---135
296EC DISTOPIA10---67.5 ~ 133
297EC Dream Walker11---215
298EC Entire1214--145
299EC Fallback613--126
300EC First Fantasy5---134
302EC Hesitate9---140
303EC Hey Barbie15--130
304EC Indistinction9---138
305EC Legend1216--200
306EC Magic Square10---180
307EC M!rror811--128
308EC Northpole
309EC Nothing Else9---125
310EC On My Way8---150
311EC Orphan Children13---173
312EC Planet X14---169
313EC Push Me Again15---175
314EC QUADCORE12---160
315EC Rendezvous Coast11---130
316EC Shine Through13---182
317EC Shove It12---147
318EC Sigma13---160
319EC Starlight Factory1214--150
320EC Stranger11---130
321EC Tension1013--145
322EC Todos Los Dias9---128
323EC Total Eclipse14---150
324EC Tron10---140
325EC True8---128
326EC UniT11---176
327EC Wheel of Fire1015--180
328EC Withered Heights6---85
329EV AntiDOT13---145
330EV Asterios REENTRY91215-148
331EV BEDLAM1417--183
332EV BlitzKrieg1418--185
333EV Bluesy12---110
334EV CHIARA1317--195
335EV Diamond Shore1116--179
336EV Far Away61014-146
337EV Find Me12---5 ~ 180
338EV First Fantasy
Remaster Version
339EV Flat Shoes7---140
340EV Flicker813--110
341EV Gothique Resonance1316--174
342EV Hallucination12---133
343EV Harpe For GAIA12---188
344EV Immortal12---136
345EV INFINITY1014--175
346EV Lazy Days614--131
347EV May I Come In?12---130
348EV Mello Mello813--134
349EV Minimalism Color13---130
350EV On My Way
Remaster Version
351EV Oriental Shade915--160
353EV Purity Dream1012--130
354EV Rebel Against712--170
355EV Rendezvous City1013--130
356EV Repulse Stream
357EV Schizophrenia918--190
358EV SND1017--165
359EV Sorry, But I Can't915--155 ~ 195
360EV Sparkling Ways613--134
361EV Stereotype Lovesong612--121
362EV Storm Chaser1013--175
363EV Terminated Protocol1317--186
364EV Unambitious4---176
365EV Venn Diagram11---130
366EV White Out
367EV Your Mind1215--180
368EV 피로611--184
369NT 우주미아59--142
370NT 8th Planet1214--158
371NT Afterlife712--130
372NT ambit813--170
373NT Burnin' Road1114--160
374NT City of Funk912--124
375NT Clue1114--140
376NT Cross Time !!14---80 ~ 160
377NT Dement
~After Legend~
378NT Elysium1014--128
379NT Fallen3511-170
380NT Falling Rain
Envy Mix
381NT Forbidden Light1116--169
382NT GEHENNA1518--222.22
383NT Houseplan11---128
384NT Keep On!1114--185
385NT Keep Your Passion13---147
386NT Laika412--138
387NT LIGHTFALL3714-140
388NT Makes Me Wonder512--172
389NT Move it On!913--127
390NT Night Bird913--148
391NT Night Sky12---128
392NT Nowhere Land8---116
393NT Orange612--139
394NT PRIME1015--165
395NT Reignite914--181
396NT Sapphire712--138
397NT Scarlet Blaze1015--170
398NT Shattered Skies1215--182
400NT Smile of Dandelion7---110
401NT Stargazer111--125
402NT Sunken Island28--95
403NT SUPERCUTE1013--134
404NT Take it up613--138
405NT The Moments
406NT Tracking Down11---133
407NT UverturA813--190
408NT VOICE9---170
409NT Wake Me Up!710--95
410NT Warp drive active13---200
411NT 설탕음모론
~Sugar Conspiracy Theory~
412NT 속삭여줘9---137
413TT B2914--158
414TT Black sour Ruby12---175
415TT Chinese Restaurant1115--175
416TT Ctrl + Alt + Del1114--128
417TT Encounter on orbit14---185
418TT Engine1417--174
419TT Guardian1115--178
420TT HYPERCUBE1014--145
421TT Last Knot12---175
422TT Lovely Day
~ Remaster ~
423TT Move it on
- DJ HD Mix -
424TT Precision Strike913--132
425TT Revival On1113--130
426TT Skyline11---112
427TT sweet★star8---150
428TT Visual Dream !!12---140
429TT Yog-Sothoth1216--200
430TT Z3N1TH4F1115--118
431TT 애인을 내려주세요12---146
432TT 유령의 축제12---52.5 ~ 105
433TT 잘 가라
~Go Hell~
434TT 크리스마스의 기억612--170
435FN A Bella!11---160
436FN Allegro Piu Mosso1116--160
437FN #Beyond812--128
439FN Darker than Black1013--106
440FN God Mode1214--152
441FN Last Flight111517-174
442FN Memoriola912--80 ~ 125
443FN Sejarah10---180
444FN starflyer11---175
445FN We Alive10---127
446FN 바람의 날개813--136
447FN 시간여행712--120
448FNEX %X913--150
449FNEX Altered Ego13---191
450FNEX Daydream1114--150
451FNEX District 171115-158
452FNEX Enter the Beginning1114--150
453FNEX Macguffin #EZ1115--145
454FNEX Nyarlathotep121518-200
455FNEX picking1417--170
456FNEX The Last Page1016--195
457FNEX The Queen12---125
458FNEX Unforgettable4913-132