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project-EZ2DB is unofficial site created based on the database of the EZ2 series.
It also provides some sorting function along with database such as all song information, level information and video in the EZ2 series.

EZ2DB Update Log


「EZ2DB Change Log(Common)」
- None

「#EZ2ON Webpage Change Log」
- Added all pattern videos of 4K BASIC / STANDARD. Since the songs below have different patterns for each mode, we have added videos that match each pattern.
: [S/E[ Mystic Dream 9903 (Horror Mix)
: [3RD] Give it 2 Me, Y-Gate
: [6TH] Move your body
: [7TH] Forget, Gray Street, Let Me Hear Your Voice, Revelation, Sunlight, Toy War
: [2013] The ASHTRAY, Kamui (神威), Nihilism
: [2021] ULTIMATUM, picking

- Added or changed some pattern videos in COURSE mode.
: (Added) 5K TIME PARADOX, O2PLANET, Brain Stretch
: (Changed) 4K TIME PARADOX, 8K 18+

- Fixed website errors.
: Error in accessing the pattern page of 2.14 and 20000000000.

「#EZ2AC Webpage Change Log」
- None

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