Welcome to EZ2DB!

project-EZ2DB is unofficial site created based on the database of the EZ2 series.
It also provides some sorting function along with database such as all song information, level information and video in the EZ2 series.

EZ2DB Update Log


「EZ2DB Change Log」
1. TIERTABLE score input has been improved.
[ It takes about 10 seconds to complete saving. Never leave the page when saving. ]
- Add a loading image to appear when saving scores.
- Add a message at the bottom when score saving fails.
- You can change the order of 個人的なメモ (KENPO SAITO) and 開化 by checking the checkbox. (Check only if you live in Japan or use Japanese Windows.)

2. The LOUNGE has been improved.
- (After update) When accessing the LOUNGE for the first time, you must update the score in scoring_data.txt to use it.
- LOUNGE page speed has been improved. (Allmode pages within 2 seconds / individual mode pages within 3 seconds)
- The value of Tierpoint has been newly reflected. (Tier may drop.)
- Changed to highlight active options when clicking on other options.
- Fixed an error where the latest update was displayed as 0 days ago instead of today when saving scores.
# Update Plan
- Member information modification function
- Search to added user ID (Score) function
- (if possible)Rival function

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