Welcome to project EZ2DB.

project EZ2DB is an unofficial website created as an archive for the purpose of providing information, based on the EZ2 series database.
project EZ2DB provides the following information and functions.
- Songs included in EZ2 series, difficulty level and Total Notes information.
- Sorting function based on level or Total Notes.
- Additional information about the series or DLC
- TIERTABLE and score storage function

EZ2DB Update Log


1. Website information page has been added.
: You can access the information page by clicking the ‘INFO’ menu at the top.
: We have added website information that did not exist before.

2. MUSIC DB page has been added.
: You can access the information page by clicking the ‘DB’ menu at the top.
: You can check the songs included in the category.
(We plan to add features such as artist sorting in the database table in the future.)
: You can find information about that song by clicking on the disc jacket image.

3. The song information page has been reorganized.
: The webpage design has been renewed.
: Total notes information has been added.
: You can move quickly using the table of contents function on the right. (PC)

4. Some features have been added to the LOUNGE options.
- ‘Recently registered scorelist’ has been added to other options.
: Shows recently added scores excluding 0 points.
- `Score table` has been added.
: You can check the registered scores by category.
: You can share the table url through Share Button.

5. Some features of TIERTABLE(Difficulty table) have changed.
: Readme has been removed. (The page has been moved to the information page.)
: The non-member check function, whose operation was unclear, has been removed.
: The total note/BPM location has been changed.
: A note of caution has been added when INPUT SCORE.
- The voting results of the first update of 2024, which were surveyed until February 7, were applied.
: [Result Link]

6. The URL of the pattern information/video page has been changed.

7. BPM sorting(Sort by BPM) has been added to the database category options.
: It shows songs corresponding to BPM in increments of 10, from BPM 90↓ to BPM 200↑.
: The default sort is ascending, and you can sort by category ascending/descending or BPM descending through the tab at the top of the table.

9. Some parts of the COURSE page have changed.
: Sort option added. (Currently only All / EZ2ON Basic / DLC is available.)
: The existing COURSE image has been changed to always be positioned at the top as text. (PC)
: The text abbreviation for All Combo Challenge (AC) or Clear Challenge (CC) has been changed to an image. (PC)
: On the course information page, an image of the All Combo Challenge or Clear Challenge will appear where COURSE mode was displayed. (PC)

10. Site error has been fixed.
: Error showing that TIERTABLE image does not exist even though it exists (English, Japanese)
: Error in TIERTABLE where 個人的なメモ(KENPO SAITO) and 開化 check option is not applied.
: Error that eyecatch image does not display on R.F.C.`s song information page

11. Now disk images rotate when you hover the mouse over them!!

# Future update plan (scheduled for update in the first quarter of 2024)
- Function that graphs and outputs scores for each song stored on the server by date.
- Added Individual save for score of songs and memo storage features

※ It may be postponed due to personal circumstances.

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