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project-EZ2DB is unofficial site created based on the database of the EZ2 series.
It also provides some sorting function along with database such as all song information, level information and video in the EZ2 series.

EZ2DB Update Log

Jan/5/2023 EZ2DB Update log

「EZ2DB Change Log(Common)」
- None

「#EZ2ON Webpage Change Log」
1. All Pattern Videos of EZ2ON has been updated.
# 2022/12/31
- 4B/4S : Added All Pattern Videos
- 5B/5S : Added All Pattern Videos
- 6B/6S : Added All Pattern Videos of 1st, S/E, 7th, PP, GC Category and Some Pattern Videos 2nd, 3rd, 4th, PT, 6th, 2008, 2021, CV Category
- 8S : Added All Pattern Videos

# 2023/1/1
- 6B/6S : Added 2008, 2021, CV All Pattern Videos.

# 2023/1/2
- 6B/6S : Added All Pattern Videos of 3RD, 4TH Category

# 2023/1/3
- 6B/6S : Added All Pattern Videos of PT, 6TH Category

# 2023/1/5
- 6B/6S : Added All Pattern Videos of 2ND, O2JAM Category

2. Artist Sort category added.
- Visual (BGA) artist sorting was added.
- Reduced the composer sort alphabet section from 7 to 5.
: [A-D / E-J / K-M / N-R / S / T-Z / 1-9] → [A-D, E-L, M-P, R-T, U-Z/etc]

3. Fixed a site error.
- Appear error message when sorting artists with specific characters.
- SP course not visible on pattern page.
- Initialized song table list when entering song information page in Most Play Sort.
- Initialized song table list when selecting a level on song information page after sorting Mosted plays song or Artists.
- Stylesheet is not applied properly in some DLC Collaboration lists.
- Keymode list of `Trickster` of SP Course mode is not displayed normally.
- Missing some vocal songs in sorting Vocal.

4. Changed Course mode page.
- Changed to display song title according to the set language.
- (Change Video) 4K COURSE Take one - Because changed to conversion to private.

「#EZ2AC Webpage Change Log」
1. Fixed a site error.
- Error in level alignment LV11 not appearing in category of 5K RUBY Mode.

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